PING-Poverty is not a game

PING is an online game made for secondary schools, forming a starting point to discuss the subject ‘poverty’ and what it means to be poor. Ping is aimed at the students of the secondary and third degree. The students become the main characters in the game. They can choose between Jim or Sofia, who, due to certain circumstances, end up on the street and need to find their own path.

PING shows that games can help to introduce complex social subjects like poverty in the class room.

The partners of the PING project want to contribute to the social debate encouraging the use of games at school as a tool to open the difficult discussion about poverty.


raise you hand for education

“Raise your hand” today through 15 October to submit and vote on the most important action to take in education today. The top five ideas will be shown to education ministers, business leaders, technical experts and academics during the Education Policy Forum at the OECD in Paris on 4 November.
Education ministers will be invited to respond to the ideas at that time. Follow the conversation as it unfolds on OECD educationtoday, share your ideas and raise your hand!


minutes from the first RED-INK meeting (who is the author?)

A communicative Approach


Evolution of man vs evolution of avatar

hey folks,
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i am designing a poster and created this little comparison
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